Bike Chic

Here in Holland, everything is done via bike. Grocery shopping, transportation to work and school, getting home after too many drinks, and anything else you could possibly need to do is completed on two wheels. This is great because it means inexpensive transportation, and the country is completely flat so you won’t get sweaty in the process. Plus, Holland has real bike lanes to keep cycling completely safe, which is a huge improvement from my few biking excursions in the States.

My bike, which was a welcome gift when I moved here last year, is a cute model from Cortina who design fashion bikes. Mine has  hand breaks and 7 speeds, which is plenty when there are no hills to speak of. Zipping through Holland is usually completely relaxing, but there is occasionally rush hour “bike traffic” as well as congestion when school gets out, so you have to beware of that when you choose to ride!

On this particular Autumnal-looking day, we decided to take some photos before going on an evening bike stroll. And yes, it is pretty easy to bike in heels! All the dutch girls do it and nobody blinks an eye. These heels are from Seychelles, and they might be the most comfortable heeled shoe I have ever owned; they are perfect! The black peplum top is from Urban Outfitters and the jeans are from Zara.

Hope you enjoyed the post!

xx nicole

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Top: Urban Outfitters

Scarf: Unknown – Ideas here and here

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Seychelles

Bike: Cortina