Light Fabrics to Wear in Summer

Waiting for Summer I have always lived in cool, moderate, and even somewhat cold parts of the world, where summer is the most anticipated season by far. When the season actually starts, you can see and feel the happiness in the air; people are more polite, they walk around with [...]

My Slogan Tee Picks

Graphic Sensation At heart, my favorite outfits have always included printed t-shirts and a great pair of jeans, so it is no surprise that I have slowly accumulated a small collection of slogan tops over the past 6 months! Graphic and printed t-shirts are massively on trend this year, including [...]

Something New

Sustainability Hello, everyone! Let me start off by explaining my recent two-week absence from the blogosphere: My boyfriend recently went away on a rather long trip and anticipating this, we prepared a few photo shoots that I could work on during his absence. However, I found myself quite unhappy with how [...]

Getting Waisted | Wide Belt Edit

Hourglass While I love exploring trends and finding how to work them into my personal style, I was a bit slow to jump onto the corset bandwagon. We have seen this style coming for quite some time, with major influences from the Kardashians and kimono sashes, and now out on [...]

Ankle details | Trending Trousers

Ankle Details The two styles of trousers I have become especially fond of this year are wide-leg (as seen in many of my past posts!) and tapered. Tapered ankle styles have seen a lot of faces this season, but I could not contain my excitement when I saw this pair from ROMWE; the [...]

Coral Pop | Overalls Obsessions

Overall Obsession I have a not-so-secret obsession with overalls, and all these 90's throwbacks have me lusting after every cut and color available! This style of denim overall is my favorite for comfort and ease, so this spring and summer I am not holding anything back and embracing my fondness for them. [...]

The Ultimate Vacation Outfit

What to Pack? If I am being realistic about the contents of my vacation suitcase, I tend to pack practical and simple. Especially when there is limited suitcase space available (hello RyanAir!), it is best to bring items that can be paired with multiple outfits. And of course, light and [...]

Bedroom Attire in the Streets

Something Comfortable There is a short period of time between the morning rush hour and lunchtime when the streets of Netherlands are relatively empty, and open for wandering fashion bloggers. The soft sunlight plus the chirping of city birds creates a wonderful atmosphere for an outfit that barely crosses the lines [...]

The 80’s Jacket Edit

The 80's Jacket Let's talk leather jackets for a sec. As one of the many MUST haves of a woman's (and man's) closet, this quite affordable and ultra trendy faux-leather jacket was an item I couldn't leave out of my closet. I have owned many a leather jacket in my [...]

Bold Red Lips | Blouses With Attitude

Ultimate Red Bad and bold; what is more seductive or iconic than a true red lip? One thing is certain, this timeless object has returned with a new look, and it is making appearances on every top and blouse out there. Patchwork or embroidered, printed or drawn; these lips are making a [...]

Trend Mixing | Jacquard + Yellow

Jacquard + Yellow Once in a while I feel inspired to get out of my comfort zone and accept that people will take a second glance at my outfit. When mixing two rather loud items of clothing, it is inevitable that I will get the occasional comment or a look of confusion/amusement [...]

What I Wore in Paris

Morning Sun in Paris Hello everyone! After a quick 4 hour drive last week, I was lucky enough to revisit one of my favorite European destinations: Paris. It was only my second visit, but I love the Parisian vibe and lifestyle, plus the endless small clothing and coffee shops are [...]

Ruffle Blouses | Spring Styles

Ruffles are IN With ruffles popping up in all forms for spring and summer, I thought it was time to indulge in yet another ruffled blouse. It is certainly a difficult trend to escape for 2017, as every item of clothing is taking a turn with ruffled details. Elegant and minimal, or [...]

Harem Pants | Spring Styles

Harem I may be alone on this one, but I am pretty excited that harem pants are making a small comeback. Circa 2010 I probably owned at least 3 pairs of this fabulous cut, and I have recently seen it making a quiet return for this spring and summer. Despite its unusual [...]

Cropped Wide Leg Pants | Styles for Spring

The Pant of Spring Happy last day of March! This month has positively flown by, starting off with a snow storm and ending with record high temperatures for Northwest Europe. I am certainly not complaining; I have been looking forward to these warmer days since they said goodbye back in [...]

Why You Need Gingham this Spring and Summer

Black and White With only a few days left in March, it is only appropriate to look forward to some warmer weather and start building your spring and summer wardrobe. One of the most prominent pattern trends this year is gingham, and it is taking over by storm! I have seen a [...]

Statement Pants for Spring and Summer

Bigger the Better Happy spring everyone! I am so glad that it is officially the spring season as this past winter seemed to drag on forever, and nothing improves my mood like a good dose of warmth and sunshine! To kick off the season, I am introducing one of my most favorite [...]

Military Jackets + High Shoulders

Military Inspired Spring is definitely on the way here in Nederland, and although there have been some rainy days, things are certainly improving! The slightly higher temperatures and mild breezes put me in such a light mood, and I feel more inspired with my outfits when the rain is not making a [...]

Pajama Style Printed Trousers

Spring Trends Among the trends that have passed into 2017 from last year, bedroom and sleepwear inspired garb has definitely made the list. There is something about the idea of wearing your silk and satin pajamas out for the day that is so satisfying, and having it look both intentional and [...]

Blush Pink Spring Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits & Rompers In the spring and summertime, my favorite closet staples are always rompers and jumpsuits. They are so simple to throw on for an instant, on-trend outfit, plus they are a packing savior for summer vacations and getaways. I have already showcased a few jumpsuits on my blog for this [...]

Bell Sleeves for Spring

Sleeves for Spring Everyone predicted that bell sleeves were going to be ridiculously HUGE this spring, (both literally and figuratively!) and of course, here we are in March and every top I see has an excessively large opening at the wrist. Off-the-shoulder tops have stuck around from last spring, so luckily [...]

Spring Style | Featuring JORD Wood Watches

Spring in the Air Now that February is finally over, it is acceptable for me to look ahead to spring temperatures, and plan my outfits accordingly! As heavy coats and thick-knit sweaters are packed away for the time being, in their place come light knits and t-shirts. With warmer temperatures come [...]

Inspired by Menswear

In the Rain (again!) Happy March everyone! Spring showers have, over the past few days, greeted us here in Holland en masse with no end in sight; thus my spring outfits may well be in an overcast and wet atmosphere from here on out! I have always dreamed of living somewhere [...]

Trench Coats and Buckled Shoes | Spring Style

Trench Coats There are only a few items of clothing that truly qualify as 'timeless,' meaning you could wear them today and 30+ years ago and not look out of place. Luckily, trench coats have completely stood the test, and for good reason; they are practical for transitional season such [...]

Jumpsuits for Spring

Time to Work A few times a year I fly the 5,000 miles from The Netherlands to my home state of Washington, to visit family and generally relax in the beautiful northwest. I have just returned to Europe and I had such a wonderful time, but also unintentionally took a bit [...]

Accessorizing for Spring

90's Sun It is no secret that the last few seasons of fashion have brought back the 90's with a vengeance. First with denim on denim galore, then brand mania, and this summer you can add round frames to the ever-expanding list. I have had my eyes on a few sunglasses to [...]

Oversized Cricket Sweater

In the Rain Dutch winters tend to be dreary and gloomy, and on this particular February afternoon, it caught me an my wonderful photographer (aka boyfriend) off guard in a sudden rain storm. Despite the slight rise in temperature, it has remained rather dull and sunless the past few weeks, [...]

Embroidery | Trending Now

Spring Styles Happy weekend! The weather has finally decided to warm up above freezing here in Western Europe, and I am taking full advantage of this by breaking out more of my spring-time outfits.  January and February tend to be difficult months for me, not only in terms of fashion, but [...]

Lingerie in the Streets

Everything that Flows Happy February everyone! I have a strong feeling that 2017 is going to snap by way too quickly, it seems like New Years Eve was yesterday! But I will admit that warmer weather coming soon is fine by me. During Amsterdam's fashion week [...]

More 90’s Please

90's Now Whether it's because I watched too much Friends back in the day, or because I was actually alive for this throwback trend, the 90's are a definite favorite for style inspiration. I don't feel like I'm wearing items from the past, so much as I [...]

Looking forward | Spring Silhouettes

Play with your Clothes When it comes to clothes, I absolutely love to play. There is nothing more fun than finding ways to imitate what inspires me with items I may already own! With spring inching closer, (a bit quicker please!), I have started to look ahead [...]

Canals and Culottes

KANAAL On the western side of Nederland, where we are only a few precious feet above sea-level, the cities have hundreds of canals that allow the water to enter the city limits.  While many remain practical means of transportation, water regulation, and even housing, they are an iconic feature [...]

Heels & Destroyed Denim

Block Heels One of the best ways to take your outfit up a notch is to add a pair of snatched heels, but until recently, that entailed foot pain from the minute you walked out the door. Wearing items like boyfriend jeans or straight leg jeans promotes a relaxed [...]

Jacquard Prints

At the end of last year, I became obsessed with finding the perfect pair of jacquard trousers for the winter season. With items of clothing that are more statement in pattern or style, I spend more time finding the best pair for my taste and fit, and luckily [...]

With Cool Tones

Blue Baby With cooler temperatures and snow threatening to appear any minute, I was feeling inspired to pull out an entire cool-toned outfit, complete with lavender lips. While I love my nudes, mauves, reds, and plums, sometimes I need  a change of scenery. I personally do not mind the extra [...]

Coffee & Coats

The Importance of Coffee Growing up in Washington State, I was spoiled by excellent coffee at home and in the city. Each coffee house had a unique vibe; rustic, outdoorsy, excellent latte art, Italian influences, and beyond. But each would turn out spectacular coffee, usually roasted [...]

Cobblestone Streets in Winter

This post is in association with Zaful In The New Year I hope you are all recovering from a fun NYE weekend! With temperatures below freezing and fog hanging low in the air, my boyfriend and I drove to the university town of Breda, Netherlands [...]

On a Cold Winter’s Day | Austria

Let it Snow After living in Indiana State for 2 years, my attitude about snowfall has been rather bitter; the cold temperatures, digging out the car every other day, and walking home with snowflakes down your coat gets old. However, I'm feeling a bit warmer (ha) towards this fluffy matter after a [...]

Emerald Dreams

I hope you are all recovering and relaxing after weekend of holiday fun! I know I need a bit of a refresh after Christmas and New Years to get my mind straight. I took a bit of a social media break, (my first since starting my blog!), and found some time [...]

Time to Bundle

Winter Solstice Happy Winter! With only a few days left until Christmas, and New Years just around the corner, it feels like 2016 has positively flown by! I am both terrified and excited that 2017 will be here in a snap, and of course I am [...]

Weekend at the Christmas Market

Christmas markets are a dime a dozen here in Europe, but none are quite as spectacular and large as the markets in Germany. I have seen them in Berlin and Cologne to name a few, and while each city has a unique charm to offer, they all celebrate the season with hundreds of huts [...]

Florals in Winter

Once in a while I find a piece of clothing that just screams my name off the hanger, and recently a true-match happened in the form of the most flirty christmas outfit. An A-line, drop-waist romper in a rich floral print? Perfection. Simply add a few friends, music, booze, [...]

Acting the Tourist | Paris in Winter

Welcome to the Louvre Palace, a beautiful enclosed space including the famous pyramid and oh-so-beautiful architecture. The second day of our weekend in Paris included trying to see as many famous and beautiful points of interest as possible, and The Louvre was naturally on the list. It [...]

Ruffles in Paris

Since moving to Holland 1.5 years ago, I have been able to enjoy an ease of travel between famous cities that would be unthinkable living in the states. From our home in The Netherlands, Paris is a mere 4-5 hour drive away, and it is [...]

Morning Fog in Blue

This post is in collaboration with Zaful As a 'street-style' blogger, I am often at the mercy of the weather for good lighting and fair skies, but once in a while nature will throw me a curve ball that ends up working out better than [...]

Oversized | Trending Now

Wide-legged trousers and above-the-ankle flairs have pushed everyone's trusty skinny jeans to the side. When I first started styling my looser-fit bottoms, I often would pair something fitted on top to make sure I have some shape, but after feeling a bit inspired on Pinterest I started pairing pieces [...]

Animal Prints for Fall and Spring

This autumn season, leopard prints have roamed free once again in loud jacket prints, shoes, and tops. While leopard print is not yet on the way out, you can soon look forward to a new print to emerge: Zebra. With animal prints reigning supreme on the cat walk [...]

Knit Sweaters for Fall

I buy at least a few chunky-knit sweaters every fall, and the only rule I keep is that the new pieces must not be the same shade or cut as others I own. I tend to lean towards those with a thicker knit because they genuinely keep the [...]

Bralettes and Bodysuits

The bralette: blissfully freeing and oh-so cute. What is not to love? I personally do not wear them out and about alone, but I think a well layered lacy bralette is attractive and flirty. If you have not already picked up one this [...]

7 Things to do in Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham: Gorgeous Northwest views, nestled in between Seattle and Vancouver BC, and home of the most legit hippies. I was lucky enough to call this charming city 'home' for 20 years, and after all that time I have a modest idea of what to see when you are passing through! Visit Historic [...]

Olive and Blush Tones

The crisp mornings and chilly afternoons here in Holland are drawing me towards my collection of scarves and hats in order to warm up my transitional wardrobe. While going out for a cup of coffee, I decided to sling this oversized scarf to [...]

6 Spots to Eat in Hong Kong

After one week in Hong Kong, my boyfriend and I were already fond of a few restaurants (particularly some coffee shops!) and collected photos of the spots that were notably enjoyable. I have linked the TripAdvisor pages to the titles of all the restaurants, in case you need to save for a future trip! The Cupping [...]

Long-Cardigan Affair

About this time of year I start to get more creative with my layering, so that I can use some of my summer items into the colder weather. This season I have already purchased a selection of long cardigans and I [...]

Love from Hong Kong

Greetings from Hong Kong! After recovering from some jet lag, my boyfriend and I started to explore this seriously fascinating city. I have never traveled outside of Europe or North America, and this has been a delightful few days of dipping my toes into a [...]

The Backwards Shirt

The Backwards Shirt Yes, it has been around all summer in the form of breezy button-ups, but the backwards shirt look seems to be continuing on into Autumn. Luckily, shirts with usually-in-front details have expanded to include all sorts of styles such as knitwear [...]

Spain in a Week

Spain in a Week Downtown Valencia This year my boyfriend and I spent one week in Spain to unwind, escape the disappointing weather that was "summer" in Holland, and explore a new country. Neither of us had ever spent time in Spain, so it was completely new. Our trip consisted of two [...]

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