Canals and Culottes

KANAAL On the western side of Nederland, where we are only a few precious feet above sea-level, the cities have hundreds of canals that allow the water to enter the city limits.  While many remain practical means of transportation, water regulation, and even housing, they are an iconic feature [...]

Heels & Destroyed Denim

Block Heels One of the best ways to take your outfit up a notch is to add a pair of snatched heels, but until recently, that entailed foot pain from the minute you walked out the door. Wearing items like boyfriend jeans or straight leg jeans promotes a relaxed [...]

Jacquard Prints

At the end of last year, I became obsessed with finding the perfect pair of jacquard trousers for the winter season. With items of clothing that are more statement in pattern or style, I spend more time finding the best pair for my taste and fit, and luckily [...]

With Cool Tones

Blue Baby With cooler temperatures and snow threatening to appear any minute, I was feeling inspired to pull out an entire cool-toned outfit, complete with lavender lips. While I love my nudes, mauves, reds, and plums, sometimes I need  a change of scenery. I personally do not mind the extra [...]

Coffee & Coats

The Importance of Coffee Growing up in Washington State, I was spoiled by excellent coffee at home and in the city. Each coffee house had a unique vibe; rustic, outdoorsy, excellent latte art, Italian influences, and beyond. But each would turn out spectacular coffee, usually roasted [...]

Cobblestone Streets in Winter

This post is in association with Zaful In The New Year I hope you are all recovering from a fun NYE weekend! With temperatures below freezing and fog hanging low in the air, my boyfriend and I drove to the university town of Breda, Netherlands [...]

On a Cold Winter’s Day | Austria

Let it Snow After living in Indiana State for 2 years, my attitude about snowfall has been rather bitter; the cold temperatures, digging out the car every other day, and walking home with snowflakes down your coat gets old. However, I'm feeling a bit warmer (ha) towards this fluffy matter after a [...]

Emerald Dreams

I hope you are all recovering and relaxing after weekend of holiday fun! I know I need a bit of a refresh after Christmas and New Years to get my mind straight. I took a bit of a social media break, (my first since starting my blog!), and found some time [...]

Time to Bundle

Winter Solstice Happy Winter! With only a few days left until Christmas, and New Years just around the corner, it feels like 2016 has positively flown by! I am both terrified and excited that 2017 will be here in a snap, and of course I am [...]

Weekend at the Christmas Market

Christmas markets are a dime a dozen here in Europe, but none are quite as spectacular and large as the markets in Germany. I have seen them in Berlin and Cologne to name a few, and while each city has a unique charm to offer, they all celebrate the season with hundreds of huts [...]

Ruching | Casual Day Out

As an American living in Europe, what I consider normal daily activities has completely turned around. Who knew that someday I would prefer to get around to my various destinations via bike because it is faster? Growing up in the hills in Washington State, getting around for the day on a bike would mean [...]

Florals in Winter

Once in a while I find a piece of clothing that just screams my name off the hanger, and recently a true-match happened in the form of the most flirty christmas outfit. An A-line, drop-waist romper in a rich floral print? Perfection. Simply add a few friends, music, booze, [...]

Acting the Tourist | Paris in Winter

Welcome to the Louvre Palace, a beautiful enclosed space including the famous pyramid and oh-so-beautiful architecture. The second day of our weekend in Paris included trying to see as many famous and beautiful points of interest as possible, and The Louvre was naturally on the list. It [...]

Ruffles in Paris

Since moving to Holland 1.5 years ago, I have been able to enjoy an ease of travel between famous cities that would be unthinkable living in the states. From our home in The Netherlands, Paris is a mere 4-5 hour drive away, and it is [...]

Wear It On Your Sleeve

This post is in association with Zaful This autumn has been all about the details on sleeves, and has welcomed back a lot of old favorites. Bell sleeves, oversized, and all sorts of cuts and ties; they all give your outfit a little bit [...]

Give me Mustard | Color Trends

Whether it makes you rejoice or recoil, mustard and golden yellow are popular colors of the season. With such a warm tone, it is a favorite for the fall and wintertime every year, but this year yellow is particularly loved. These rusty and buttery hues are cloaking [...]

Morning Fog in Blue

This post is in collaboration with Zaful As a 'street-style' blogger, I am often at the mercy of the weather for good lighting and fair skies, but once in a while nature will throw me a curve ball that ends up working out better than [...]

Casual Tulle

When day dreaming about holiday and wintery fabrics, tulle sits right up there with lace and velvet as seasonal musts. Its silhouette-skimming and slightly revealing properties draw me in, and all I want to do is to sip red wine in a cozy corner, with good company, and my tulle [...]

Oversized | Trending Now

Wide-legged trousers and above-the-ankle flairs have pushed everyone's trusty skinny jeans to the side. When I first started styling my looser-fit bottoms, I often would pair something fitted on top to make sure I have some shape, but after feeling a bit inspired on Pinterest I started pairing pieces [...]

Red and Blue

Ever since I saw this photo on Pinterest over the summer, I have been itching to pair cobalt blue with red. Perhaps it is all the Tommy Hilfiger styles filling my Instagram! Blue and red tend to remind me of national colors and would not normally attract my attention together, but [...]

Coats and Mules

I love infusing current trends into my outfits, but at the same time I like to keep around my quality wardrobe items that really last, and make them work for the current season. Example: Oversized, long coats in black, camel, faux fur, etc, are all the rage, and while [...]

Sweater Dresses – Bundle Up!

This week in Holland we recieved our first bit of frost, which means: time to get sneaky with my outfits. One item that is sure to keep you warm is a sweater dress, especially since you can bundle something else underneath. This one is a loose, thick, and cozy number that I [...]

Animal Prints for Fall and Spring

This autumn season, leopard prints have roamed free once again in loud jacket prints, shoes, and tops. While leopard print is not yet on the way out, you can soon look forward to a new print to emerge: Zebra. With animal prints reigning supreme on the cat walk [...]

Gift Guide – Trendy Ideas for Men and Women

Need some inspiration for your holiday shopping? I have compiled my favorite gift ideas here, in order by price, to try and help you find the perfect item for your friends and family! Click on the photo link to find the item in an online shop.  $16 - Proraso After Shave Balm (3.4 [...]

Knit Sweaters for Fall

I buy at least a few chunky-knit sweaters every fall, and the only rule I keep is that the new pieces must not be the same shade or cut as others I own. I tend to lean towards those with a thicker knit because they genuinely keep the [...]

Bralettes and Bodysuits

The bralette: blissfully freeing and oh-so cute. What is not to love? I personally do not wear them out and about alone, but I think a well layered lacy bralette is attractive and flirty. If you have not already picked up one this [...]

7 Things to do in Bellingham, Washington

Bellingham: Gorgeous Northwest views, nestled in between Seattle and Vancouver BC, and home of the most legit hippies. I was lucky enough to call this charming city 'home' for 20 years, and after all that time I have a modest idea of what to see when you are passing through! Visit Historic [...]

Cats in Fashion

Cats have moved from our Instagram feeds and YouTube videos into our wardrobes, and not only in the form of leopard print coats and tees, but statement bags, tops, and more. I find it kind of amusing, but as a cat [...]

Olive and Blush Tones

The crisp mornings and chilly afternoons here in Holland are drawing me towards my collection of scarves and hats in order to warm up my transitional wardrobe. While going out for a cup of coffee, I decided to sling this oversized scarf to [...]

6 Spots to Eat in Hong Kong

After one week in Hong Kong, my boyfriend and I were already fond of a few restaurants (particularly some coffee shops!) and collected photos of the spots that were notably enjoyable. I have linked the TripAdvisor pages to the titles of all the restaurants, in case you need to save for a future trip! The Cupping [...]

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