On the western side of Nederland, where we are only a few precious feet above sea-level, the cities have hundreds of canals that allow the water to enter the city limits.  While many remain practical means of transportation, water regulation, and even housing, they are an iconic feature of dutch life, and quite beautiful to say the least. While Utrecht, where I live, may have fewer canals than Amsterdam, they are no less lovely, much less congested, and more relaxing to explore on a sunny afternoon.

In the dead of winter, being outside in Nederland is not always the most enjoyable experience, despite the gorgeous winter sun that does turn up now and again. Some days it is more bearable, but the last few weeks have cut my usual explorations to much shorter lengths as the temperatures have dropped well below zero. The cold may keep me snuggled with my laptop in one of the many canal-side cafes, but I still like to wander and see more of the city when the hustle and bustle is at it’s winter low.

I am loving this tweed coat this season; it’s the perfect layering item and works with endless textures and shades!  I spiced up my outfit with some wide-cut, raw hem culottes from Urban Outfitters and black platform loafers, two styles I have been loving the past few months.

I always love hearing from you, let me know what you think in the comments! Happy Winter.

xx nicole

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Top: J.O.A.

Jeans: BDG

Coat: Zara (Similar)

Shoes: Zara

Lipstick: Charlotte Tillbury ‘Hepburn Honey’