Spring Styles

Happy weekend! The weather has finally decided to warm up above freezing here in Western Europe, and I am taking full advantage of this by breaking out more of my spring-time outfits.  January and February tend to be difficult months for me, not only in terms of fashion, but also my mood and warmth factors are influenced by these dreary days. The cold seems to seep into my skin and doesn’t seem to leave until March or April!

After New Years, I am always looking ahead to spring styles, and get tired quickly of my winter staples. (Sweaters can go now, I want my shorts!) With that said, I think I have come up with a good solution this year, and that is to layer constantly and try to sneak warmth into spring-appropriate outfits. For me, that means throwing high-necks underneath everything, and luckily that is quite on-trend, and easy to implement!


Just like last season, embroidery is a trending print leading into this upcoming spring. Ever since these Gucci loafers began to gain traction in the blogosphere, I’ve had my eye out for a statement piece with embroidery to add to my spring wardrobe. These TopShop jeans were just the ticket, a combination of my favorite jean cut (mom jeans for life!), ankle length, with a wonderful bright pattern on the legs and pockets. If you are hesitant to jump on the embroidery bandwagon, start with something simple like this T shirt from Kenzo, or this top from ASOS. There is something out there for everyone!

As always, let me know what you think 🙂

xx nicole

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Sweater: Glamorous (Idea)

Turtleneck: Primark (Similar)

Jeans: TopShop (Similar)

Shoes: Zara

Lipstick: Ofra ‘Pasadena’

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