Germany on a Summer’s Eve

My boyfriend and I spend quite a lot of time in Western Germany since he grew up on the Dutch/German border. There are mostly small cities along this border, and we tend to visit the little German town of Elten to see what is new in the grocery stores and eat some spectacular German food. (Seriously, if you’re ever exploring the area, give Ratsstuben a try!). Elten was once an important border town when there were still physical borders because it was the first German town between Amsterdam and Cologne. Elten was also part of the land that was given to Holland after WWII, but was then returned in the 60’s. Thus the people on both sides of the border speak Dutch and German (or something inbetween) and visitors are always welcome!

These photos were shot on one of the only hills for many miles, which is fondly named “The Elten Mountain”— although it hardly reaches mountain qualifications. In this area, you will find a forested landscape with scattered trails, homes, and churches, and a dutch-stye pancake house at the top. It is a charming spot to trek around and see the German and Dutch landscape from above.

The details of my outfit are in the text below, but I’ll warn you ahead of time that it is (unintentionally) all Zara pieces. Happy Fall!

xx nicole

Photos by Thomas van Bracht at Peloton Photos

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Top: Zara

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