Morning Sun in Paris

Hello everyone!

After a quick 4 hour drive last week, I was lucky enough to revisit one of my favorite European destinations: Paris. It was only my second visit, but I love the Parisian vibe and lifestyle, plus the endless small clothing and coffee shops are a dream come true! We walked to a few key tourist destinations, but for most of the trip I tried to do a bit of exploring and find new favorite spots to shop, eat, and relax.

What to Wear

I do not claim to have mastered the art of Parisian dressing, but I did my best to look relaxed and springtime-appropriate for my few days of wandering the city. The soft sunlight was around for the duration of our trip, so large coats and socks were certainly not necessary. I grabbed this boxy, loose-fitted white top with these trendy high-rise trousers to achieve a look that was simple, yet put-together. Heels are a no-go for me in any large city, so I found some solace in these flats from & other stories for the miles of walking; a perfect combo of practicality and style in one.

Let me know what you think!

xx nicole

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