Play with your Clothes

When it comes to clothes, I absolutely love to play. There is nothing more fun than finding ways to imitate what inspires me with items I may already own! With spring inching closer, (a bit quicker please!), I have started to look ahead at trends that I am excited to try out for the warmer months, and what I can use from my current wardrobe.  Of course, I will collect things throughout the spring to help achieve styles that pop into my head, but for now, I wanted to create outfits inspired by the upcoming season in fashion.

Cinched waists

I honestly didn’t think I would be tying belts, among other things, around my waist for some time, but here we are with 80’s styles appearing left and right. Large shoulders and hourglass figures made possible through corsets, belts, and scarves are high on the docket for spring, and somehow, I have discarded all of my belts from the last time this was in style. But no matter, I snatched the belt off of the trousers in this outfit and wrapped it around a peplum top, layered over a turtleneck, for a 90’s meets 80’s vibe with a twist. Considering we are experiencing at least one revival of nearly all the last 4-5 decades, I think my outfit worked out rather well! Let me know what you think, and here’s to spring!

xx nicole

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High neck top: Primeark (Similar here)

Peplum top: Forever 21 (Idea here)

Trousers: Zara (Similar)

Mules: New Look

Glasses: Boutique (Idea here)