Let it Snow

After living in Indiana State for 2 years, my attitude about snowfall has been rather bitter; the cold temperatures, digging out the car every other day, and walking home with snowflakes down your coat …it gets old. However, I’m feeling a bit warmer (ha) towards this fluffy matter after a morning of snowball fights and building snowman. Yes, my hair and makeup were totally ruined, and I couldn’t feel my hands or feet, but fortunately at our hotel here in Austria we were able to go straight to the sauna and completely defrost. The Austrians (Finns) know how to do winter right!

Auf Wiedersehen, Austria!

As a tourist, Austria does not look or feel drastically different than southern German cities, such as Munich, but it is wonderful to take the time to learn what makes living in Austria different than Germany. In Salzburg, we tried some local delicacies such as fresh ‘salmon trout,’ and a local version of the ‘Sachertorte‘ which is a sort of chocolate cake. Local food is always a highlight of my travel experiences, but as I wrote in my previous post, the area was absolutely stunning. I have traveled quite a lot this year, and I feel so lucky that I now get to learn about the world in person, and see for myself how people live outside of North America.

We are leaving this gorgeous country today, heading back to good ol’ Nederland for New Years celebrations. It has been a beautiful experience to see the mountainous countryside, bursting with ski areas and lodges, and to enjoy this wintery landscape. As this will be my last post in 2016, I wish you all a happy New Year! Cheers!

xx nicole

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