In the Rain

Dutch winters tend to be dreary and gloomy, and on this particular February afternoon, it caught me an my wonderful photographer (aka boyfriend) off guard in a sudden rain storm. Despite the slight rise in temperature, it has remained rather dull and sunless the past few weeks, and as you will all have read in my previous posts, I am wholeheartedly looking forward to Spring. With that said, this outfit is likely not one to wear out on a rainy day, especially with rather bare feet, but I had to get in one good wear of this very affordable, Gucci-inspired look while the weather was still chilly!

Style inspo

The star of this outfit is this oversized cricket-style v-neck from Roségal, a medium weight knit that is perfect for layering over or underneath your cold weather basics.  Here, I picked my trusty cream turtleneck to imitate the linked outfit above, and paired the tops with these orange cropped trousers for a trendy vibe. Rounded out with my comfortable gold Mary-Jane’s, and we have an excellent outfit replica fit for any style-minded gal.

I hope you are are all enjoying your week, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

xx nicole

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Sweater: Roségal

Turtleneck: Primark (Similar)

Pants: Zara (Similar)

Shoes: RAID

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