Spring Trends

Among the trends that have passed into 2017 from last year, bedroom and sleepwear inspired garb has definitely made the list. There is something about the idea of wearing your silk and satin pajamas out for the day that is so satisfying, and having it look both intentional and stylish is a major plus. Flowing and light pieces have always felt right when the sun starts to peak out again, and the flowers start to pop through the sides of the sidewalk, so it is only appropriate to dig out your most flamboyantly printed pajama-style pant, and give it some love!


I recently picked up this adorable pair of printed silky trousers from the Parisian brand Sandro, and once again it looks like I have raided granny’s closet. With loafers and high waisted trousers dominating both catwalks and high-street shops alike, it is an inevitable resemblance that I have embraced and will continue to wear this year. Although the print is a bit old fashioned, I dressed them for an early spring day with a wide hat and high-neck top, making this outfit entirely age-appropriate and certainly within my style. Let me know what you think in the comments!

xx nicole

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Hat: H&M (Similar HERE)

High Neck Top: Urban Outfitters

Trousers: Sandro

Shoes: New Look (Similar HERE)

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