As an American living in Europe, what I consider normal daily activities has completely turned around. Who knew that someday I would prefer to get around to my various destinations via bike because it is faster? Growing up in the hills in Washington State, getting around for the day on a bike would mean packing a change of clothes, all my make-up, the works, just to maintain a decent appearance after biking up and down for 20 minutes.  Not to mention the dangerous conditions that bikers deal with on American roads! Now, I deal with somewhat flushed cheeks or a bit of tousled hair, but since everyone wears that look I never feel out of place.

My daily outfits do not need to change much to adapt to this new lifestyle, and surprisingly, heels are not an issue since getting around with a bike puts little stress on my feet. This sort of get-up is completely suitable for a day running errands, and with just a few glances at my hair or lipstick, I can assume everything else is in check.

This ruched bodysuit from H&M, with a high-neck detail, is completely my style, and the folds keep it from looking like I am naked! Nude shades are a go-to for me in the summer, but I enjoy having this paired with some warmer, deeper tones for this time of year.

I love hearing from you in the comments, let’s chat! Pro or con bodysuits? Leave me a note, and happy holidays!

xx nicole

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Bodysuit: H&M

Jeans: Zara

Bag: Dooney & Bourke (Similar  here)

Shoes: Steve Madden (Idea here)

Lips: NARS ‘Rikugien’