When You Don’t Have a Valentine

Nicole Parise holding a fornasetti candle and wearing a Monica Vinader ring

Let’s get one thing out of the way: I do indeed have a boyfriend, who I live with and love very much.

BUT I have had my fair share of single-awareness February 14ths and I will admit, I agree with those who think that Valentine’s Day is rather silly. Why devote one day to someone you love, and already appreciate nearly 365 days a year? My boyfriend and I are not really celebrating, and we have not done so for the entirety of our relationship.  It is a rather nice idea, to really take a moment to appreciate someone currently in your life, shower them with chocolates, and treat them to a nice dinner. It sounds pretty great to me, at least! But the commercialization seems unnecessary and is why I have chosen to stay neutral about the holiday, even when I have a lovely boyfriend to celebrate it with.

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I struggle with positivity, and I can easily place myself in a theoretical situation where the idea of spending Valentine’s Day alone (again) would be completely devastating. As a part of my after-new-year’s resolution to stay more positive, I would like to share my one tip on coping with Valentine’s Day as a fun, but very single woman: Make everyone your valentine!

Are you into cooking? Make little cookies for all of your friends. Are you close with your workmates? Bring in something sweet to share. I am not that crafty, but this does not necessarily need to be food. These may sound cliché, but it works just the same as during the regular holiday season; you generally get more out of the giving that you do out of the receiving. And nothing will make you feel more loved than cheering up all of those around you, including the sour singles in your friend circle.

If you are planning to make, or already have traditional plans for V Day, I am totally supportive of that. No need to feel ashamed about showing some love to your favorite person! I am only here to spread some support to those of you stuck in the lonely hearts club. I’ve been there. Simply put, there is no need to let this one (not even a real) holiday ruin your month!


  1. February 12, 2018 / 8:22 pm

    we usually talk about making ourselves our own valentine, but i love the idea of making everyone your valentine!

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