Who I Am



Wondering what the back story is of this clearly-millennial woman with a bizarre amount of clothing? You have definitely come to the right place, so grab a coffee and something snuggly!



How did an American in her 20’s end up in the Netherlands? Long, long story short, I met a cute guy on Tinder during my Master’s degree at Indiana University, who just happened to be Dutch. (Yes, I am a Tinder success story. Does that age me?) Anyway, we liked each other a lot and I decided that taking a break from America would probably do me some good, and moved to Holland in the summer of 2015. And we lived happily ever after!

Nicole Parise wearing a pink bodysuit from Revolve and Ganni wide-leg trousers


In truth, my first year abroad as an expat was a whirlwind of culture shock and struggling to pronounce words like “verschrikkelijk” and “gezellig” while creating a permanent bike seat dent in my bum. I nearly gave up several times, accepting that I was just doomed to be an entitled American forever, before finally, in 2016, feeling like this canal-threaded flat land felt like home. I still have my ups and downs with the language and culture, but I think that if I were to spend the rest of my life in the Amsterdam area, that wouldn’t be so bad!


I started following the blog scene back in 2010 via Pinterest, and have always had a subscription to Vogue since my early teens. My style has not always been good, but my mother can attest to the fact that all of my spare money has gone directly into my wardrobe. I can still remember cutting out snippets of designer clothing and in particular, editorial images of shoes and coats that I hoped to be able to afford someday. I like to dream big and have a strong sense of what styles I identify with, season after season.

I am the girl who spends all year waiting for February and September runway styles to inspire me, in the same way that people wait for the Super Bowl. Especially since  Insta Stories came to be, I now wait in angst for the 15-minute live presentations from the likes of Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Gucci, and Saint Laurent. I certainly do not have the budget to only buy designer items, but the inspiration and art that appears on the catwalk is a bi-yearly treat for the girl who used to cut out photos of Fendi boots for her wall collage.


While I freely admit to spending a lot of time browsing through my clothing apps and refreshing my Instagram feed for styling inspiration, I do enjoy other things besides day-dreaming about shopping. Yes, many of these things are closely linked to shopping, but you must feel the same if you have made it this far into my bio. 

For instance, among my favorite cities to visit for the food, shopping, history, and lifestyle are London, Paris and numerous Italian cities including Bergamo, Milan, and Verona. I am still convinced that I will someday lead a life that will allow me to live in each of these countries. Luckily, Amsterdam is rather centrally located in relation to the above-mentioned locations, so I am able to pretend to be a Parisienne, a Londoner, and Milanese on a yearly basis!

My style blog is one of discovery and romance, told through the short stories of a girl who simply can’t find a big enough closet. Come along with me while I take baby steps in the direction of my gigantic dreams, and hopefully inspire you to walk alongside me!